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ūüĎčūüŹľ Hello

GPT for HR has been built by me, Sam Whiteman. I built it for a few reasons.

  1. There's a lot of noise around GPT-3 since the launch of consumer facing applications like DALL*E and ChatGPT especially.
  2. For HR use cases, there are unique issues and opportunities around diversity, equity and inclusion that our friends in marketing (often the early adopters of this kind of tech) don't need to worry about as much.
  3. I probably get a little shout-y where falsehoods and misunderstanding take hold (this mainly happens on LinkedIn) and so rather than be shouty I thought I would curate something that is, hopefully, on the higher quality end of resources.
  4. I would love to hear from people who are interested in this and what impact it can have. I'd be keen to hear from students, HR Tech vendors, HR professionals, anyone. Let's chat.

My POV is that AI is going to have a big impact, but I am measured in my optimism.

My view for the use of AI in HR is that we are probably overestimating the short term impact and underestimating the long term impact.

It's easy to try and look for the "AI companies" as proof something is or isn't working, but the reality with AI is that there will probably be zero "AI companies in HR", and that would be a good thing.

"AI" will be a capability in probably the same way that "cloud" and "mobile", and it's rare to talk about "mobile" or "cloud" companies in 2023.

AI will be one way we just get better, more accurate, more productive, more impactful.

And I am here for it.

Work disclaimer.

I work at SHL and we have been using machine learning and AI capabilities in our platforms and applications for several years.

We are also using technologies like GPT-3 as we think about what we might build next. I am lucky to work with a great AI team as part of SHL Labs, the cool stuff we are building is coming to an SHL product near you soon, what is on this site is non-proprietary.

So, obvious disclaimer, this site does not represent the views of SHL.

Get in touch.

I'd be very interested in connecting with anyone who is interested real world applications for AI in HR.

I am on LinkedIn or Twitter.




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