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Refined job description and questions specific to an MBTI profile

I am hiring a bartender for my club in NYC. I want you to write a job description that appeals to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality of ESFP. (People identified with ESFP personality type tend to do well in this role.) I also want you to list 15 interview questions that will help me verify that the candidate I interview has such traits. Include questions that would dissuade them from accepting the role because it goes against the ESFP personality type.

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Survey of a hiring manager

I want you to create a document that I can use to interview someone in our organisation who is hiring for a new Sales Leader. I want to deeply understand what they are looking for in the role. I want to understand what the best people in their current team do to be high performers. I would like to know what high performers do differently to core performers. I want to use this information to ensure that we hire great candidates in to this team so that they can hit their targets this year. I also want the document to help understand the sales leaders coaching style and give them the opportunity to be very specific about their strengths as a manager and how they intend to support the new hire.

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Survey existing team members for responses on what part of the team culture to highlight

Write an email that will be sent to a small group of people in my organisation. I am a Recruiter and I need to ask the existing team members what they appreciate about the culture specific to the team. You should try and understand from these people what value they think is most practiced in their small team. You want to invite open and honest communication for the purposes of helping candidates understand if they would be a great fit for the role we are hiring for. The email should be precise and ask for specifics. You should also ask about what kind of competencies or behaviors would be a great addition to the team.

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Pausing a role but keeping the candidate warm

I need to you to write two different emails of similar content to a candidate who is on our shortlist for a job. We are pausing hiring for the role but I want to keep them keen on our organisation because we might want to hire them in several weeks time. I want you to ask me about something that they were very good at during the interview process so far, so that you can include that in your responses.

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Writes 3 personalized candidate rejection emails

I want you to write 3 different rejection emails to a candidate that has applied for a job with us. To get your information, I want you to ask me 1. what competencies we saw them strong in, 2. what we appreciated about their application, and 3. what we saw in the final candidates that we did not see during the process with them. You want the candidate to feel like you really saw their strengths. OK?

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