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Job titling examples

I want you to pretend you are a consultant that helps with organisational design. Specifically I want you to brainstorm 5 or more examples of consistent job-titling nomenclatures, so I can use them across our organisation of 2,000 people.

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Suggest how we might differentiate talking about one of our values.

I want you to pretend that you are a consultant to my organisation. We have hired you to identify how our stated values are similar to our peers in the banking industry. Can you review them and let me know where our values are most unique? Please refer to words and phrases in the document to illustrate your points.

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Review Values

Our organisation has a value for innovation, but so do a lot of our peers in the banking sector. I would like you to research how companies talk about innovation and how we might talk differently about innovation at our company. We want to stand out. I would like you to suggest 5 ways in which we might use different perspectives, words or examples in explaining how we are different.

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