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70 20 10 Action Plan

Help me create a SMART Action Plan with a 70-20-10 approach for the focus area - Creating Strategies for Account Expansion. Suggest real-time hands-on approaches that one can take under 70%, suggest training modules or e-learning modules with sources under 20% or coaching/mentoring, and names of the books with authors, articles with authors, or videos from YouTube or any other website that one can read or view as a part of self-learning i.e. 10%. Also, suggest measure of success for the focus area and design the SMART IDP considering the MOS

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Feedback conversation role play.

I am hesitant to give direct feedback to someone but I know that I need to give feedback to them. I think I know how to deliver the feedback, but I was hoping you could me prepare for the conversation by giving me 10 scenarios whereby the person might challenge my feedback. I would like to practice using these 10 examples. Please make them specific.

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Management development plan.

A direct report of mine has no management experience but they want to have a development plan that gives them as much exposure to management as possible. I am supportive of this. Can you come up with 20 things that we might do together, or they might do for themselves, to quickly and deeply understand the requirements of a management role?

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OTJ Development Plan

I want a direct report of mine to develop their skills for a specific competency. You will make a development plan for us both, focusing only on on-the-job activities that they can do. You will need to ask me what that competency is in your information gathering. You can ask me any questions that might help make this a better development plan. I would like you to be very specific in your recommendations about what they need to do to improve the competency. I need 5 or more suggestions for activities, for each activity I want you to explain why this is a good activity and then I want you to provide a detailed rubric for how I might evaluate their performance for this activity. Are you ready?

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Development plan for a named competency

I would like you to help me with some development plans for someone on my team, I am going to reply to you with a specific competency I would like them to be better at, can you please create a plan so that this person and I can talk about developing this competency further. The plan should have all of the following: 1. examples of why being good at this competency achieves great outcomes 2. examples of senior roles that are known to do this competency well 3. skills or capabilities that can be trained to help improve this competency 4. examples of on-the-job activities (aim for 4 of these) that we might wish to get this person to do 5. success criteria (in bullet points) for what being good at this competency looks like

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